Probable cause in a DUI case.

November 10, 2014
My cousin got a DUI in PA. About a month later the arresting officer resigns after an investigation. It turns out the cop was doing illegal license searches. He looked up 8,000 driver’s licenses for information over a three year period. Could my cousin possibly have his case thrown out if he challenges the officer’s probable cause? I know in order to to that he will need a lawyer, but I want to know if there is an actual defence here to have the case thrown out. Almost all first time offenders in PA get ARD with or without a lawyer so, it would not make sense for him to hire a private attorney if he cannot use the officer’s illegal activity to challenge the reasons for the traffic stop in the first place. (

Yes, your cousin should challenge this DUI.  I practice in Middletown frequently and my office borders that township.  He/she should make an appoitnment with my staff. 215-970-2755 Keith Bidlingmaier