Pennsylvania DUI Penalties Charts

Pennsylvania DUI Penalties

Below is our Pennsylvania DUI Penalties Charts. Contact Kardos, Rickles, Hand & Bidlingmaier if you have any questions.

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New Jersey DUI Penalties Charts

See Our New Jersey DUI Penalties Charts, below

NJ DUI Penalties

In New Jersey, one may receive a citation for driving under the influence (DUI) for operating a motor vehicle or boar with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or greater.

Mandatory fines and penalties

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Tiger Woods Arrested for Suspected DUI

Professional golfer Tiger Woods was arrested early Monday morning for suspected DUI. Police discovered Woods asleep at the wheel of his 2015 Mercedes just after 2 a.m. The motor was running and the right blinker was flashing. Woods’s seatbelt was also buckled.

The responding officer conducted several field tests including a walk and turn, one-leg stand, finger-to-nose, and a Romberg alphabet. Police arrested Woods after he failed the tests. Woods was taken to a local jail and released a few hours later.

A recently released police report indicates breathalyzer tests showed no sign of alcohol in his system. In a public statement released Monday, Woods claimed he suffered an β€œunexpected reaction to prescribed medications.”

Woods is scheduled for an arraignment on July 5th.

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Do I still have a case?

I was molested by my uncle starting at the age of 3 continued until the age of 13 because of this I had had severe mental health issues with agoraphobia anorexia social anxiety been in therapy for years and it only seems to get worse as I get older have not seem to get the help need to get due to the fact I cannot get over that he did this for so many years and only did not even two years in jail but I suffered for over 10 years he gets to live his life he has businesses property and I’m still stuck in the past with having nightmares and being way over protective with my children it also has ruined other issues in my personal life

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Traffic violations

what to expect for history of 13 violations since 1984

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Driving while lisence was suspend for child support non payment now have one year added on it after pleading quilty

Can i appeal a traffic ticket that i pleaded quilty to 4 months ago cause i was told by the traffic court that only points would be added but now i find out they suspended me for 1 year more…Was denied an occupational license and i am self employed home remodeling contractor with out being able to drive will put me out of business and bankrupt.Any advice on what to do to get penndot to unsuspend my driving license or grant me an occupatation license Please help Thank you Lawrence Haney.

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Can I avoid any criminal record from a bad check?

I have a preliminary hearing about a bad check to my former landlord. The court paperwork shows it as being a felony. My landlord and I have come to an agreement about paying the money back. When he called the district court to try and stop proceedings, they told him they couldn’t and we both had to show up to the hearing. They also said something about the charge being reduced to a summary offense. I want to avoid any charges on my record. Is that possible, or am I definitely getting a charge over this. This check was written with the understanding that it wasn’t to be cashed until I had received the funds to make it good. My business failed at the time and I wasn’t able to complete the sale that would have generated the funds. It wasn’t like I wrote him the check and just said screw it, we had an agreement that he wouldn’t try to cash it until I said it was ok. Stupid I know, but I trusted he wouldn’t.

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Felon in fire service

at the vol. fire company in with has an issue with a felon wanting to join. We know there is a law about it but don’t know what section it is to get the law in writing. would you be able to help us out

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What are the chances of getting my possession of a small amount of weed and drug paraphernalia charges dropped?

My friend and I were outside when he decided to whip out a bowl full of weed , then a police officer appeared and charged both of us with possession of a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia . According to Pennsylvania law possession charges only apply if on your person. I was not found with anything on my person so I do not feel I should be charged.

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Can i beat a false identification to law enforcement charge?

the state police showed up to my house looking for a previous tenant. they knew my first name was john but i lied to them about my last name. they were not looking for me but a guy named cory. i invited them into my house and tried to help them. i had warrant for failure to pay fines. they ran the name i gave them and it didnt show up on a computer. i finally gave them my real name and tey said if i helped them they would not file charges. well they filed charges. is this a serious offense and if it is will i go to jail? i have a bad check and theft by deception from 1994 and 2 dui 8 years ago.

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