What are the chances of getting my possession of a small amount of weed and drug paraphernalia charges dropped?

My friend and I were outside when he decided to whip out a bowl full of weed , then a police officer appeared and charged both of us with possession of a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia . According to Pennsylvania law possession charges only apply if on your person. I was not found with anything on my person so I do not feel I should be charged.

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how bad is my brothers case?

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hi, my brother has gotten charged with trafficking and conspiracy to a drug organization and they are linking him to being a part of the whole thing. they have a warrant for his arrest saying that they have phone evidence of all being involved with moving the drugs and guns around. But he isn’t even a part of it. he doesn’t know any of the people that are in it that also got arrested because he has made purchases for his own personal use but most likely it was some sort of middle man. what would he be facing if he is found gulty, and would he need a personal lawyer?

Should I get charged with possession and paraphernalia, or give someone’s name up and set up a drug deal

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Last friday me and 4 other kids got pulled over in a truck. we were drinking and smoking weed. i have up my 2 bowls, .5 of a gram and rolling papers. the driverwas drunk and the officer was well aware of that.The officer let us all go but told me he was going to arrest me but not take me into custody that night. I meet at the station to talk to him and he said will either get charged with possession and paraphernalia, probation or ard and maybe jail time. Or he offered to set set up a drug deal and I give someone’s name up. He read me the consent form for that deal and it said no promises can be made about what will happen to me. He said he would try and drop most charges. I want to know which is my best option. And I would like to know if I get charged and go on ard because this is my first offense would both possession and paraphernalia be cleared off my record

what would the penlty be for a second parahanala charge in the sate of PA be

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this will be my second parahanala charge and was wondering what the out come might be i have one dui 3 or more years ago and the possesion of a small amout about a year or so ago im not on probation or anything

can i have this old warrant quashed or just pay a fine or something?

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about ten years ago i got caught with about 2 ounces of marijuana 2 pipes and they got me for dui. They took me to the hospital and gave me a drug test…positive results for weed….then they took me to State Police barraks and told me that the only way for me to not go to jail, was to work for them to buy cocaine. i went with the undercover cop and bought 1/2 oz powder cocaine. I watched the cop test it in the car, with test kit. then i left the state to avoid repercussions of said buy . 7 months later they filed all the charges on me and issued a warrant

can you appeal a judge’s decision on a parole violation

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My husband violated probation its his second violation failure to pass a drug test, which was also his first violation. The first violation the judge sentenced him to 30 day and extended his max date. For his second violation the judge sentenced him to serve his entire sentence and was told to get drug treatment. The judge did not allow him to speak and his public defender told the judge he was in treatment which he is not, he did complete the program when he was released from the first violation but can not get back into the program. My husband owns his own business and is a successful businessman. There are mitigating circumstances that i think may have helped him if he was aloud to talk and i dont know how or if there is anything i can to

does he have enough evidence not to do fed time

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My son was caught with a needle and a spoon on him and four empty baggies of heroin but they are trying to get him for manufacturing