Pennsylvania DUI Penalties Charts

Pennsylvania DUI Penalties

Below is our Pennsylvania DUI Penalties Charts. Contact Kardos, Rickles, Hand & Bidlingmaier if you have any questions.

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New Jersey DUI Penalties Charts

See Our New Jersey DUI Penalties Charts, below

NJ DUI Penalties

In New Jersey, one may receive a citation for driving under the influence (DUI) for operating a motor vehicle or boar with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or greater.

Mandatory fines and penalties

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Tiger Woods Arrested for Suspected DUI

Professional golfer Tiger Woods was arrested early Monday morning for suspected DUI. Police discovered Woods asleep at the wheel of his 2015 Mercedes just after 2 a.m. The motor was running and the right blinker was flashing. Woods’s seatbelt was also buckled.

The responding officer conducted several field tests including a walk and turn, one-leg stand, finger-to-nose, and a Romberg alphabet. Police arrested Woods after he failed the tests. Woods was taken to a local jail and released a few hours later.

A recently released police report indicates breathalyzer tests showed no sign of alcohol in his system. In a public statement released Monday, Woods claimed he suffered an β€œunexpected reaction to prescribed medications.”

Woods is scheduled for an arraignment on July 5th.

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I was recently arraigned for my second dui in under 10 yrs. Controlled substance and endangering a child. DA is offering a plea of 4 mnths What i do

Evading while DUI before cops turned on lights

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If I passed a cop on the road while dui, got nervous and turned into the next driveway and then he came and found me, does that count as evading the police? I don’t believe the cops ever used their lights or siren but they did mention me evading. Nobody was hurt and no damage was done. What kind of charges am I look at and what should I do? I have only ever had an underage drinking and an inspection ticket.

How do i go about getting a lawyer for a sentence reduction?

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My boyfriend got a DUI while on probation. He just went to court on Fri. Feb 22. They sentenced him to 10 months house arrest and 5 years I.P. for his first DUI. The D.A. said he was getting that because he had an underage delivery and DUI. Is that legal to bring up his underage?

case for dui dismissal

How to fire my Lawyer due to negligence

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I recently received my 2nd DUI and I am supposed to go to court next month. The lawyer that I had retained has not helped me and actually filed the wrong paperwork. I need to fire him and continue my case at least once in order for me to be able to afford a respectable lawyer. Where can I find the paperwork I need to file pro se, to fire my lawyer and continue my case.

How do I have a misdemeanor criminal record expunged that occurred in 1999 and 2002?

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What is the process to expunge a misdemeanor criminal record that is more than 10 years old involving DUI and disorderly conduct? There are no current records or current probation.