Do I still have a case?

I was molested by my uncle starting at the age of 3 continued until the age of 13 because of this I had had severe mental health issues with agoraphobia anorexia social anxiety been in therapy for years and it only seems to get worse as I get older have not seem to get the help need to get due to the fact I cannot get over that he did this for so many years and only did not even two years in jail but I suffered for over 10 years he gets to live his life he has businesses property and I’m still stuck in the past with having nightmares and being way over protective with my children it also has ruined other issues in my personal life

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Can my mother sue the hospital for being raped by another patient, male, in the psyche ward.

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She was put in there after a dui car crash. She had a detainer due to being on probation. The rape was witnessed by her roommate and staff. My mother was heavily sedated at the time and did not wake up until she heard everyone screaming. The rape was done by another patient in her own bed of her room at night. The police came and it was documented. The hospital sent her straight to prison right after despite her treatment plan not yet being fulfilled. I believe she should have received more treatment due to the rape. She now has posttraumatic issues and is even more of a wreck since the incident. She claims to have bleeding, pain, and hemorrhaging since the rape.

laws on sexting

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Need help, had a 17 yr of girl send me nude photos. So I a 30 yr old male sent one back. Now her parents found them and are pressing charges. What happens to me now?


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I was on an online gay chat site, which you are to agree to being older than 18 to enter. I was talking to a man. Then we exchanged photos oh a lewd nature. Then he told me he was a minor. I immediately stopped all communication and told him to delete the photo and that he should not lie about his age. I have since deleted the pictures and done legal research. I am scared about legal ramifications, do I have a defense if necessary?

Can I get this man arrested

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My daughter met this guy on the Internet and he claimed he was 16. Later on she found out he was 28 and he was interested in getting into a relationship with her still knowing that she was a minor. They communicated via text for a long time. Most of the time it was clean but sometimes it got sexual. He’d describe what he wanted to do with her and so forth. At some point he even sent her pictures of his private parts. He has also done things on webcam with her. He is a complete pedofile and I have stopped all communication between them. But is there any way that I can get this sick perverted man charged with something?