Trenton pays $350K settlement for woman’s death in police lockup

Cliff Bidlingmaier along with co-counsel successfully resolved a prison suicide case. When dealing with injuries that take place in a jail or prison there are specific regulations that must be followed by the governmental agency. When suffering an injury as a result of being incarcerated contact Cliff Bidlingmaier for a consultation.

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Cliff Bidlingmaier Secures Multi-Million Dollar Settlement

Cliff Bidlingmaier just was able to secure a multi-million dollar settlement for a client involved in a horrible motor vehicle accident. Cliff retained the services of 12 experts to assist in the prosecution of the claim. Most importantly, Cliff was able to successfully resolve the case in two years from the date of the accident.

6 Million Dollars Secured in Personal Injury Settlements in 2016

Mel Kardos and Cliff and Keith Bidlingmaier were successful in securing nearly 6 Million Dollars in personal injury settlements in 2016. The cases included motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents, products liability claims, dram shop actions (alcohol related accidents), dog bites, Civil Rights violations, wrongful death claims and other matters where people have suffered bodily injuries. These cases were advanced in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey and in State and Federal Courts.

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Pennsylvania Limited Tort Option and Its Ultimate Impact on a Driver’s Ability to Sue


In an effort to provide less expensive automobile insurance, the Pennsylvania Legislature created the Limited Tort or limitation on lawsuit option for policies issued to PA drivers.  In exchange for these lesser premiums, an insured who elected the limitation on tort threshold option and has been involved in a motor vehicle accident may only advance a personal injury claim if they suffer “serious bodily injury” as a result of the accident.  Pursuant to the law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, an individual who elects the Limited Tort option is precluded from pursuing an action for any non-economic loss except where serious injury occurred, 75 Pa.C.S. § 1705(d). “Non-economic loss” is defined as “pain and suffering and other nonmonetary detriment.” “Serious injury” is defined as a “personal injury resulting in death, serious impairment of body function or permanent serious disfigurement.”

In Pennsylvania, there are several exceptions that convert limited tort coverage to full tort coverage, relieving the injured person of the burden of having to satisfy the limited tort threshold. These include:

  1. The other driver is convicted of (a) driving under the influence of alcohol, or (2) a controlled substance, or (3) accepts A.R.D., a program generally applicable only to first-time offenders;
  2. The other driver committed an intentional act that caused the injuries;
  3. The other driver was operating a vehicle registered in a state other than Pennsylvania;
  4. The other driver had no insurance.

Accordingly, a Pennsylvania driver’s rights to advance a lawsuit for an automobile accident is severely limited when he or she elects the limited tort option for their auto coverage.

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Article Written by Clifford D. Bidlingmaier, Esq.