6 Million Dollars Secured in Personal Injury Settlements in 2016

Mel Kardos and Cliff and Keith Bidlingmaier were successful in securing nearly 6 Million Dollars in personal injury settlements in 2016. The cases included motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents, products liability claims, dram shop actions (alcohol related accidents), dog bites, Civil Rights violations, wrongful death claims and other matters where people have suffered bodily injuries. These cases were advanced in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey and in State and Federal Courts.

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Cliff Bidlingmaier Assists Clients In Securing A Nearly $1 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

Cliff Bidlingmaier assists clients in securing an out-of-court wrongful death settlement of $690,000 between a family and the city of Trenton. The settlement must still be reviewed and approved by the Trenton City Council. The wrongful death lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial just one week before it was settled. The wrongful death settlement comes after three Trenton Police Department employees were accused of covering up his death after he fell ill while he was in a holding cell.

Read more about this story: http://www.trentonian.com/general-news/20160801/trenton-settles-police-lockup-suit-councilman-leery-as-tab-nears-1-million